Sell Gold Florida

Sell Gold Florida



In Florida, if there is one thing that is abundant, it is color, with bright flowers of every color. We believe, however, that the most abundant of the colors may be gold. We see small amounts of gold, such as gold plated jewelry, and large amounts of gold, such as large pendants made completely of gold. Luckily for you, the gold market is at an all time high, so now is the time to sell gold. Bring it in so we can offer you the best dollar amount in Florida. And since we are a local store, you won’t have to worry about postage or insurance, or about the safety of your fine jewelry. Likewise, we make it our policy that you don’t have to wait for an estimate either. We have equipped our store with all of the scales, machines and gold specialists necessary to give you a quote right at the store, while you wait. We know that your time is as precious as your gold, so it is our policy to treat it that way.

Sell Gold Florida
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Did you know that pawn shops are regulated by the government here in Florida? Periodically, our scales and weights are tested to make sure that pawn buyers cannot “rig” the scale to their benefit. Some gold-buyers are not regulated by these same standards, so make sure you know your gold and your buyer when you are shopping around. With a quarter of a century of service to Florida customers, you can have comfort in our ethics and integrity as well as our desire to have our customers come back to us.

Come see why Boca Raton Pawn is all the gold buzz in Florida.


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