History of David Yurman Boca Raton

History of David Yurman Boca Raton

The American Designer Jewelry Company was founded by David Yurman Boca Raton and their headquarters are located in New York City. David Yurman is located in numerous cities across the world. Their first international store was opened in Hong Kong.

David Yurman at Bloomingdale's, Century City Shopping Center, Los Angeles, CA

When David Yurman was in high school, he was sell his sculptures at lunch. He focused on his creativity, which as we know, led him to be where he is today. He attended NYU for a year and then decided to hitchhike across the country. He stumbled upon an artist colony in California. In the late 1960s, David Yurman returned from his journey and quickly started working with a sculptor named Hans Van de Bovenkamp. While working with him, David met Sybil Kleinrock who wore one of David’s pieces to an art opening.  This caught the owner’s eye, but David was hesitant on recreating a piece that was so special to him. Together, Sybil and David created designs and later, they married. With opening their store, this laid down the foundation to opening the David Yurman business and brand in the 1980s.

David Yurman is famously known for his cable bracelet, which was introduced in 1982. After that, the Yurmans created a fragrance, and a collection of watches. With all of his success, David Yurman was able to boost his company sales to 600 million dollars!

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