Apple Plans to Launch Cheaper iPhone Boca Raton

Apple Plans to Launch Cheaper iPhone Boca Raton

Apple is planning to release two new iPhones as soon as September 10th. One of them is said to be a cheaper iPhone Boca Raton. Apple plans to call the new phone, the iPhone 5C. This new and cheaper iPhone has been anticipated long enough and the fact that it may be coming out in less than a month is very exciting news for the first time smartphone buyers.

The updated iPhone is said to have updated technology and that it is finally going to have fingerprint-detecting technology! The iPhone 5C is going to be Apple’s first ever lower-end phone. Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook said recently at an earnings call, “the number attracted by the iPhone 4 was “very, very impressive. We want to attract as many of these buyers as we can.”  He also added that the iPhone 5 is Apple’s most popular phone by far. Recently in an earnings call in China, Tim Cook said that the iPad and iPhone sales are lower than what they expected it to be so they are “switching gears” and they also plan to double the number of their retail stores.  The new iPhone is expected to have a speed boost and and an improved camera as well as “exclusive software features.” The fingerprint sensor may be put on the home button of the phone. Apple did get a hold of the security firm, “AuthenTec” sometime last year and it is said that the initial beta of the operating system, iOS 7, contained settings for a sensor.  If all of these things are actually true and they do come out with the new high tec iPhone, the world would be extremely excited and little bit skeptical since the whole NSA fiasco. Cheaper iPhone

Another great thing about the possible new iPhone coming out is that it will be made of plastic, which also contributed to its cheaper value. The plastic case is supposedly coming out in a rainbow of colors such as red and yellow and green. The phone will be a little bit chunkier than the iPhone 5 and will run on iOS 7. It will also include dual LED flash on the back of it as opposed to the iPhones now that have the single bulb. The phone will have a double dose of bright lights.


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