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Designer jewelry is something that most women love to buy. One the first names that come up when we talk about designer jewelry is Cartier. Cartier has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-end jewelry for over 100 years. Sell jewelry Boca Raton.

Cartier is one the top jewelry designers in the world. Founded in 1847, today Cartier has over two hundred stores in one hundred and twenty-five countries. The company has five flagship stores, in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and the latest addition, in Seoul, South Korea. Throughout the years, Cartier signed dozens of very famous jewelry and watches collections. Some of the most famous collections are the Happy Birthday, the Trinity de Cartier, the Panthere de Cartier and the most famous of all, the LOVE collection.

The LOVE collection was made for four different jewelry categories, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Out of all four, the LOVE bracelet collection is definitely the one that made the most impact. Designed in 1969, by Aldo Cipullo, the bracelet quickly became popular for its intentional resemblance in function to medieval chastity belts. In the beginning, the bracelets were gold-plated, but today you can find them in 18kt yellow, rose and white gold, and also in platinum. The models with diamonds all around are definitely the most expensive ones, costing over $30,000.

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One of the components that make the LOVE bracelet so desirable and unique is the locking mechanism. Unlike the traditional bracelets that can either slide over the wrist or uses a regular open and close clasp, the LOVE bracelet is designed to be opened only using a special screwdriver that comes with every model. The Love collection has over forty different bracelet models.

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