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Sell Gold Boca Raton

Jay Z has become one of the most famous men on the planet.  It wasn’t so long ago he was an up and coming rapper in the New York area.  Now, he is a multi multi millionaire business man who happens to still rap.  He sold his clothing line Roc-A-Fella for millions, owned part of an NBA team, and has a fashion collaboration with Barney’s.  For his next venture he is going into the world of fragrances.  And what’s he going to call his new cologne?  How about “Gold”?  Sell Gold Boca Raton.

sell gold boca raton
Jay Z’s new fragrance called “Gold”.

That’s correct.  Jay Z’s new fragrance is called Gold.  It is designed to smell “ultra luxurious”.  The press statement about the new fragrance goes as follows:  “Inspired by an icon, the white fougere fragrance is perfected through a layered blend of yellow ginger, white cardamom and grapefruit with a hint of blueberry. At the heart, a refined infusion of violet leaf, cypress, lavender and luxurious vetiver with a thread of pink pepper gives a tailored, modern signature. A rich note crafted with golden amber, patchouli, teak and bourbon vanilla give a final shot of gilded sensuality.”  Well, whatever that means, I’m sure it smells awesome.

Rumor has it that Jay Z turned down over 3200 other names before settling on Gold.  Seems like an obvious choice for a rapper who sports multi-kilogram cuban link chains everywhere he goes.  But it does seem like he chose the right name.

The official release date is unknown at this time but I’m sure it will be available for the holidays.  I can’t wait for the TV commercial.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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