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Sell Diamonds Boca Raton

Sotheby’s is holding an auction in New York on April 29th.  Part of the auction is a spectacular 15.23 carat orangy pink diamond.  They are expecting it to sell for over $7 million.  The auction is named “Magnificent Jewels” and will feature a large range of fancy colored gemstones and jewelry.  It is expected to gross over $37 million in total after they sell diamonds Boca Raton.  Here are some of the most significant stones expected to sell for millions at the auction.

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15.32ct Orangy Pink Diamond

1.  15.23 Carat Orangy Pink Diamond
The diamond is set in a platinum setting.  It is a cushion cut diamond and has a clarity rating of VS2.  It has a “soft, feminine color reminiscent of pink diamonds in historic and royal collections,” Sotheby’s said.

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36.53 Carat “El Dorado” Emerald

2.  36.53 Carat “El Dorado Emerald”
This 36.53 carat emerald is estimated to sell for a cool $2.2 million.  It is set in an 18k gold ring with two trillion diamonds on each side.  It has a stunning green color.

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28.18-carat Kashmir sapphire

3.  28.18-carat square emerald-cut Kashmir sapphire
This amazing sapphire could fetch over $5 million.  It has no indication of heat treatment according to the American Gemological Laboratories.  They said it is “a gem of singular importance, possess(ing) the quintessential, velvety blue color that distinguishes a fine Kashmir sapphire.”  If it does sell for $5 million it will set a new world record for price per carat.  The previous record was $175,821, for the 26.66- and 20.88-carat “Richelieu” sapphire earrings sold at Sotheby’s Geneva last November.  If sold the Kashmir sapphire will sell for $177,430 per carat.

The auction will also have many other auctions of significant value that include regular white diamonds.  They are expected to sell between $50,000 and $900,000.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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