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Sell Gold Boca Raton



When we talk about jewelry, one of the most desirable precious metal is gold. Jewelry designers love to make gold jewelry not only because it’s popularity, but because it can be combined with anything to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Sell Gold Boca Raton

Most of us love to own gold in form of jewelry. Gold jewelry not only looks great, but also can hold its value tremendously. With gold price very high, gold jewelry became more desirable than ever. On the other hand, some people love to have gold not as jewelry but as all different types of items. If you think making a large bracelet, or a huge gold necklace is too extravagant, how about a gold barbecue grill or a golden shirt?

Yes, you read it right. We found some of the most expensive gold items, and out of the top ten pieces not even one is actually a piece of jewelry. The list has some very unique items like a golden shirt, o gold poker set and a gold pair of shoes. Below we picked three items for you to see.

1 – Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5  – $15 Million

sell gold boca raton


2 – Gold and Diamonds Poker Set – $7.5 Million

sell gold boca raton

3 – Christopher Michael Shellis Solid Gold Stilettos – $210,000

sell gold boca raton

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