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When we talk about colored stones, most people have their own preference. A stone that seem to be one of the colored stones lover’s favorite is the sapphire. Pawn Jewelry Boca Raton

In the jewelry business, the beautiful contrast of the sapphire with white and yellow gold, make the stone one the most desirable stones for jewelry. In auctions, the sapphire seems to be an extremely desirable stone also. In the past few years, sapphires have set record sale prices at auctions all over the world. Among the most famous sapphires are the Rockefeller Sapphire, sold in 2001 at auction for $3,031,000 and the Star of Kashmir, sold last year for $3,484,000.

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Here are some of the most expensive sapphires sold at auction.

1 – The Richelieu sapphires – #8,358,00 – Each set with a cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 26.66 and 20.88 carats, suspended from a star surmount set with a cushion- and pear-shaped diamonds.pawn jewelry boca raton

2 – A 26.41-carat Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Brooch – $3,838,000 – The cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 26.41 carats, within a two-tiered old European-cut diamond surround, in 18k white, rose and yellow gold.

pawn jewelry boca raton

3 – The Star of Kahsmir – $3,484,000 – Set with a cushion-shaped sapphire, weighing approximately 19.88 carats, flanked on either side with cushion-shaped diamonds, weighing approximately 3.02 and 2.72 carats, mounted in platinum.

pawn jewelry boca raton

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