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The watch business is known to be one of the most competitive businesses in the world. One of the most effective strategies that watch brand use to expose their names is using celebrities to wear their watches, specially sport celebrities. Most of the top watch brands have sports celebrities as ambassadors. One brand that is looking to compete with the big guys and is using this strategy very well is Ritmo Mundo. Ritmo Mundo is an affordably priced watch brand known for its innovative  designs that is using soccer, the most popular sport in the world, as their channel to expand the brand. Pawn Shop Boca Raton

Ritmo Mundo has signed on six international football brand ambassadors and is promising to create timepieces to align with their colors, nations and tastes. Soccer is a sport watched by millions of people around the world. With the world cup right around the corner, Ritmo Mundo saw the perfect opportunity to expose the brand. The world cup is on the most watched events in the world, therefore, having some of the top players wearing their watches, seems to be a very good strategy. The brand signed with David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires, all from the British team Chelsea, with the Bayer Munich defender Dante and the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Paulinho.

The opportunity to have these top soccer players wearing their watches and debuting at the global watch fair BaselWorld with the Ritmo Mundo Quantum Collection, the brand expect to grown substantially this year.

Here are some Ritmo Mundo watches:


1 – Ritmo Mundo Quantum 1

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2 – Ritmo Mundo Quantum 2

pawn shop boca raton




3 – Ritmo Mundo World Time

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