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Founded in 1963, Judith Leiber  handbags cost several thousand dollars and have become a status symbol for many women around the world. Pawn designer handbags Boca Raton

Judith Lieber handbag designer are known for their extravagant shapes and sparkle. The brand is famous for their crystal miniadures. Animals are a recurring theme, and often the most expensive purses of the collection with prices on some animal shaped minaudieres exceeding $5000. Judith Leiber stores are very exclusive, since there are only four in the U.S. two Las Vegas locations, one in Orange County and one in New York.

We picked some of the most extravagant Judith Leiber handbags for you. These bags below not only have a very unique design, but also a very expensive price tag. If you are looking for pre-owned Judith Leiber handbags, go visit Boca Raton Pawn. You will find beautiful Leiber clutches for a very discounted price.


1 – Crystal Pineapple miniadure pawn designer handbags boca raton



2 – Crystal Cupcake clutch

pawn designer handbags boca raton



3 – Crystal Bird clutch

pawn designer handbags boca raton






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