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Sell Jewelry Boca Raton


Buying a piece of jewelry, for most people, is something very personal. Most of us, when buying jewelry, have no intention in selling it. Jewelry is an accessory that has sentimental value for many people who own it. Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

Selling a piece of jewelry that has a sentimental value it is never a pleasant experience, most people can’t even put a price to the pieces they own just because it means much more than just a piece of jewelry. But how about if you had a private jewelry collection that was worth over $100 million? The world’s largest auction houses, Christie’s and Sotheby’s, are also known for selling some of the most expensive private jewelry collections in history. Jewelry owned by the famous Elizabeth Talyor was sold in auction in 2011, for example, and until today leave breathless with how beautiful the pieces were and how much they were sold for.

  Other famous jewelry collection that were sold for millions of dollars are the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor and the collection of Mrs. Lilly Safra. We separated some beautiful and unique pieces from these stunning collections. Some of these pieces were sold for over $10 million. If you are thinking about selling some of gold jewelry, go to a pawn shop in Boca Raton. You will get the most money for your jewelry, and you will go home happy with cash  in your pocket.

1 – La Pelegrina from Elizabeth Taylor – A pearl, ruby, diamond and cultured pearl necklace made by Cartier – sold for $11,842,500


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2 – A Cartier Panther Clip from the Duchess of Windsor – A diamond, platinum, white gold and a 152 carat kashmir sapphire cabochon – sold for $1,314,500

sell jewelry boca raton

3 – Tourmaline and diamond Flower brooch from Mrs. Lilly Safra – Designed by JAR, the piece was sold for  $1,272,245.

sell jewelry boca raton

4 – Briolette Diamond Ring from Jane Wrightsman – A platinum ring with single cut and rose cut diamond and a 10.28 carat diamond suspended from the band ring. Sold for $566,500

sell jewelry boca raton

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