$17.8 Million Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond

Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond

We all know diamonds are expensive.  Anyone who has gotten engaged knows that a diamond can cost an arm and a leg.  Well how about spending $17.8 million on one diamond!  That just happened in Hong Kong at a Sotheby’s auction.  An 8.41 carat fancy vivid pink diamond broke the world record and sold for almost $18 million.  It destroyed the previous record of $10.8 million for a 5 carat fancy vivid pink diamond back in 2009, also in Hong Kong.  Imagine walking around with that rock on your finger!

The auction also produced another world record.  A sapphire sold at the highest price-per-carat ever.  The “Kashmir Imperial,” a 17.16-carat step-cut unheated Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring, sold for a little more than $4 million, or $236,404 per carat.  Overall the auction netted over $75 million in sales.  Below are some of the notable auctions.

fancy vivid pink diamond

1.  $17.8 million for this internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond.  It shattered a new world record.


2.  An internally flawless 3.32 carat emerald cut fancy vivid blue diamond sold for $5.4 million by a private Asian buyer.


3.  This Colombian emerald weighs 35.72 carats and sold for $4.3 million to another private Asian buyer.


4.  This is called the “Imperial Kashmir”.  It’s a 17.16 carat step-cut unheated Kashmir sapphire.  It sold for over $4 million and broke a new world record for price-per-carat for a sapphire at $236,404 per carat.