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Jewelry Boca Raton

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We are days away from New Year’s Eve 2015 and we’re here to show off some our favorite accessories jewelry Boca Raton to make it a spectacular night to remember. You’ve probably got your New Year’s Eve outfit all figured out, right? You know exactly what shoes, dress, and bag you’re going to step out in on the glitziest night of the year. But do you have just the right jewelry to top it all off?The thing about jewelry is that sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it. That’s where we come in: open your mind and consider that just maybe your look deserves a piece of very outspoken statement jewelry.

We started the accessorizing show off with one of our favorite designer handbags by Judith Leiber. This sparkly and sexy Silver Crystal Sequin Minaudiere Clutch Handbag is the perfect place to start when beginning to pull your outfit together for New Year’s Eve. You’ve got to have a purse that holds the must have’s for the night and make one flashy of a statement to onlookers. This fancy clutch is the perfect match for any outfit. Best part about it, inside the bag it has a petite shoulder strap for when you may have had one too many drinks in the night and have lost the urge to carry your purse in your hand any further.

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Our next item on the list to show off as fantastic accessories for New Year’s are these 14kt two toned hanging diamond earrings. Most women out there wear post earrings for their day-to-day routines. Post earrings are appropriate for work, mom’s on the go and most modern women with of course the rare exceptions. But, when it comes to New Year’s hanging earrings are a must in our opinion. These are a perfect example of being subtle yet completely making a statement. How ravishing would these look while wearing red lipstick let’s be honest?

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Wherever you will you be on New Year’s Eve, be it dressing up for a black tie affair or watching the ball drop in Times Square from the comfort of your couch? Wherever you are, celebrate wearing a little sparkle around your neck. We picked one of our classy 18kt while gold diamond pendant necklace to show off how to tastefully add some shine to your neck while accommodating the rest of you spectacular evening outfit. It’s exquisite yet simple.

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Last but not least, fabulous rings to wear for the New Year. The key for getting your outfit for this night of the year is to remain flashy and incredible with jewelry Boca Raton. We show cased some of our favorite sparkly rings featured in the picture above that are dripping with diamonds from left to right. For us, only one of these types of rings will be enough shine for you hand but if you’re daring, the more the merrier.

We’ve showed you some of our favorite New Year’s Eve items of jewelry Boca Raton and invite you to come in and pick some signature pieces for yourself!