Teresa Giudice Inmate VIP? – Louis Vuitton Boca Raton

Louis Vuitton Boca Raton

louis vuitton boca raton

As a regular person being incarcerated is pretty terrible, but what if you’re a reality show queen?  It must be a total shock to be wearing orange (even if it is the new black!) unless that orange is a Mandalay dress favored by Teresa!  I mean lets face it who”s doing your hair and makeup in jail?  Are her luscious dark locks a dowdy grey by now or are her co-stars Caroline Manzo and Dina Bar-el sneaking in a bottle of hair dye in their Louis Vuitton Boca Raton handbags. In an interview she said that she didn’t care about her hair and makeup she would just put her hair up and not worry about it. Can you honestly believe that. Teresa is a Diva who is used to getting her hair and makeup done everyday.

So there’s been a lot of talk that shes a celebrity in Jail also.  She’s the new Martha Stewart probably giving beauty classes, not a bad way to spend your ‘vacation’ she probably has a lot of star struck groupies there already. Have to wonder if this will actually elevate her star status when she comes out. If you remember when Martha Stewarts sentence was over no one wanted to mention her name but then all of a sudden she was pure gold and making more money for her lifestyle brand than ever before. Now no one remembers that she went to prison shes squeaky clean again. I guess you can do that when you’re famous.

So I was just wondering, when you’re a major diva what do you do with your Rolex and designer jewelry, you know that there’s plenty of that, right? No wait, did the Feds get all that stuff or is it  hidden in the bank safe where it will be tucked away for 15 months. Teresa said that all of her stuff was costume jewelry and that her Hermes Garden Party was a fake but I can’t imagine that someone of her stature wear a fake Hermes bag. I could see some costume jewelry mixed in with the real stuff  as that’s more acceptable but the Hermes bag come on Teresa are you kidding?

Hopefully the girls will stay in touch and support Teresa and maybe this will bring Amber, Nicole and Teresa closer together. I hope that this season of RHNJ is as fun and crazy as all the others but I know that it won’t be the same and that Teresa will definitely be missed.