The Coolest Handbags At The Grammy 2015

The Coolest Handbags At The Grammy 2015


The Grammy is the biggest moment of the year in the music industry. Started in 1959, the Grammy is not only a night to award the best musicians of that particular year, but it’s also a night where the most important celebrities are all together to see the best performances and cheer for their favorite artist. The 2015 Grammy was not different from any other previous edition, the most important celebrities from the music and the screen like, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Paul McCartney and many more. The Coolest Handbags At The Grammy 2015

Many people who love music, sit in front on the TV on a Grammy night for many different reasons. Because of the performances, to see their favorite stars, the cheer for their favorite artist and to see the weirdest dresses, handbags and jewelry that some celebrities love to wear at a special night like that.

For those who love handbags and watch the Grammy to see what are the new trends and also the what original looking handbags the celebrities decided to show us on TV, we picked some of the most original ones for you to see. The might not be the prettiest ones, but are definitely one of a kind. Kelly Osborne with her fish clutch, Miranda Lambert wearing a colorful star clutch and Joy Villa with her very unique orange dress with a purple clutch are some of our best pics of the day. Here are the pics of the coolest handbags at the Grammy 2015.

1 – Kelly Osborne Fish Clutch


2 – Miranda Lambert Colorful Star Clutch


3 – Chrissy Teigen Octogonal shape clutch


4 – Joy Villa purple clutch