Most Iconic Pieces of Jewelry In Movie History

Most Iconic Pieces of Jewelry In Movie History


When we talk about famous movies, what draws people attention to watch a certain movie is mostly the content. Once you watched the movie, many other things will draw your attention like the actors, the special effects, the nice cars, houses, everything that we usually don’t see in real life always get our attention the most. One item that always end up getting a lot of attention from viewers is jewelry. Most Iconic Pieces of Jewelry In Movie History

Jewelry usually plays a symbolic role in films, but when a beautiful piece of jewelry is worn by an important character, it quickly turns into a famous piece. Many pieces of jewelry have been features in famous Hollywood films worn by some of the most important actors and actresses in the world, but only a few them these pieces will be remembered forever. We separated for you some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in movie history. For movie and jewelry lovers, these pieces will probably make you sit on your couch and watch those movies all over again.

1 – Heart of the Ocean from “Titanic”


2 – One Ring from “The Hobbit”


3 – Ruby-and-Diamond Necklace from “Pretty Woman”


4 – Black Diamond Engagement Ring from “Sex and the City 2”


5 – Diamond Necklace from “Moulin Rouge”