Vacheron Constantin Unveils the “Most Complicated Watch In the World”

Vacheron Constantin Unveils the “Most Complicated Watch In the World”


Founded in Switzerland in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is one the most prestigious watch manufacturers in the world. Considered part of the “big three” swiss manufacturers along with Audemars-Piguet and Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin is known worldwide for the complicated watches.

Vacheron Constantin has unveiled what is called the most complicated watch in the world. The watch, Ref. 57260, is made of 18k white gold. It has a double dial with 57 complications and 2,800 components. The price has been released yet, but i believe it will have a “jaw dropping” price tag. The watch around nine years to be made and has some new mechanisms that have never seen before in the watch industry. Some of these amazing features include a dfual-function perpetual calendar that can provide three different perpetual calendar reading, one in Hebrew and two for the Gregorian calendar.

Another cool feature is the chiming. It has three different modes. Striking, when it chimes automatically every 25 minutes, the night silence, when you can disable the chiming for 8 to 22 hours, and the silence mode, where you can switch off the chiming.


Vacheron Constantin Ref. 57260″Most Complicated Watch In the World”


– 18k white gold

– Detached split second chronograph

– Double dial

– Dual function perpetual calendar

– Three striking mode chiming

– An armillary tourbillon cage made