Best Things to Bring to a Pawn Shop, Top 4

Best Things to Bring to a Pawn Shop, Top 4

Every day hundreds of thousands of American’s go to their local pawn shop to get a loan.  In most cases they choose a pawn shop because their credit is bad or they just need it for the short term.  If you’ve never been to a pawn shop you might not know what the best things to bring to a pawn shop are.  The following is a list of the top 4 items pawn brokers will tell you to bring if you need a short term collateral loan.

1.  Rolex
Pre-owned Rolex watches are the #1 best thing to bring to a pawn shop.  Not only do they bring a lot of money, but they’re also small and easy to store.  There are some stainless steel Rolex watches that can bring up to $10,000!  Most pawn brokers have had enough experience to value a Rolex watch properly which makes it easy for you to hock.  Some people consider Rolex watches almost as good as cash.  If you need a short term loan and have a Rolex it is very easy for you to turn that watch into cash quickly.

pre-owned Rolex  Boca Raton

A Rolex like this can bring up to $5,000!

2.  Gold
The second best item to bring to a pawn shop is definitely gold.  Like a Rolex it is usually very small, worth a lot of money, and easy to store.  Also, pawnbrokers can always melt the gold you bring in case you never come back for it.  Gold is probably the safest item for a pawn shop to take.  Most pawn shops have gold testers which easily ensure what they are taking in is actually gold and not plated or fake.  Get cash for your gold today.

3.  Electronics
The third item that pawn shops want is electronics.  While usually not small, electronics such as HDTV’s or laptop computers offer something relatively valuable that the pawn shop knows they can sell.  Electronics are a part of our everyday life.  At this point they are more than a necessity for survival rather than a privilege.  Imagine trying to run a business without a computer…good luck.  Pawn shops know that they can get rid of computers or TV”s fast which is why you should have no problem pawning them.

4.  Apple Products
Finally, we have Apple products.  Lately pre-owned Apple products are being traded on markets like eBay and Craigslist in huge quantities.  For example, the iPhone 4 sells on eBay for over $300, used!  Apple products in such high demand that they often sell the same day they come in.  Bring your Apple products to your local pawn shop today for cash.

pre-owned iphone boca raton

Need a short term loan?  Go to your local pawn shop today with one of these items.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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