Samsung Pays Apple $1.05 Billion Lawsuit in Coins?

Samsung Pays Apple $1.05 Billion Lawsuit in Coins

Samsung Pays Apple $1.05 Billion

Imagine counting all those coins…

It was reported earlier this week that Samsung decided to settle its lawsuit by sending Apple $1.05 Billion in coins.

Last month Samsung lost a lawsuit against Apple that said that Samsung had violated copyright laws based on the designs of their products.  Recently Samsung has been taking market share away from Apple which prompted the law suit.

Since Samsung was so upset about the lawsuit it was reported that, instead of wiring the money to Apple or giving them a check, they sent 30 trucks full of nickels to Apple headquarters in California.

When the story came out it was believed to be true.  And while it seems unlikely that Samsung would do this it is believable.  The original report even had a picture of a gentleman with a background that looked like Apple going through a huge bucket of coins.

However, the story has been since ruled out as a hoax.  Part of me wishes that the story were true.  It would take some big guts by a multi billion dollar corporation to pull of a stunt like this.  But in the mean time maybe the story was leaked by Samsung for some press time.

By, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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