Apple Has Officially Introduced Maps on iOS 6

Pawn Shop Boca Raton

With the announcement that Apple is introducing its own version of Maps it is imperative that all local businesses make sure they are ready.  When a potential client is looking for your store you want to make sure that you are listed in their data base.  When they type in “pawn shop boca raton” to get directions to Boca Raton Pawn you want to make sure the Apple Maps program is directing them to the correct place.  In the past Apple had used Google maps for its Maps program so as long as you were listed on Google you did not need to worry.

It looks like Apple is teaming with TomTom and Yelp to get the information for their Maps.  When you look for a business TomTom will pinpoint where you are based on the address provided to Yelp.  Also, there will be reviews about your business provided from Yelp.  If you are not listed on Yelp make sure you are soon.

The best thing about the new Maps application is the Turn by Turn directions.  In the past you would manually have to click next to get the next step in the directions.  Now, Siri can direct you through the city and around traffic to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Apple Maps is going to change the way we search and get to different local businesses around the world.  Make sure your local pawn shop or local business is ready for the change.

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Pawn Shop Boca Raton