How To Sell Jewelry Safely

how to sell jewelry safely

How To Sell Jewelry Safely

If you are in the need of some extra cash or simply want to sell jewelry pieces that you no longer wear, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best place that will be the most beneficial for you. Who can be trusted to give you a fair and honest price?

Although there are several options to choose from that you could sell your jewelry to, it is important that you do not be made to feel as though you have to sell to any particular buyer. When you choose a place that makes an offer you are comfortable with and treats you as a valued customer, the experience of selling your jewelry will be much more pleasant. You can almost always count on this one rule… if you are uncomfortable about the area the business is in, you won’t be comfortable doing business with them ~

pawn shop
If you are in a pawn shop that looks like this… leave!

Jewelry shops sell their pieces at retail prices, so they will not be able to give you what the jewelry is worth or they wouldn’t make a profit, so it is best to avoid a jewelry store. Shops that advertise that their only business is to buy gold or silver typically have pushy salespeople behind the counter. It is common for these types of shops to take your jewelry and explain they are going to weigh it, only to come back to the counter without the jewelry, throw cash on the counter and tell you it is the best they can do. Avoid this type of place as their only goal is to tempt you with the cash and make a large profit.

Although many pawn shops have a poor reputation for giving people the least amount of money, there is an excellent pawn shop in Boca Raton that is clean, has a friendly staff and will make you a great offer on your jewelry. Selling to a pawn shop that specializes in luxury and expensive items is the best place to sell your gold and silver jewelry to. A reputable pawn shop will weigh your items, examine them and offer you a fair price without simply throwing cash down to tempt you.

Folks in Boca Raton sell jewelry to us because they know we can be trusted to pay fairly and to deal honestly with our customer.

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