Louis Vuitton vs Chanel

Louis Vuitton vs Chanel


Louis Vuitton and Chanel are two of the top Fashion brands in the market. When women want to buy a designer handbag, for example, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are definitely the top two brands that will come to their minds.

For many years, these two brands have been working very hard on finding the best way to reach their costumers. Now, with the success of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the digital media “battle” between these two fashion giants is on. Here at Boca

Pawn,we are bringing  you some numbers so you can decide which brand is doing a better job on the web. Chanel has over 6,4 million Facebook like and 66,000 talking about the brand and Louis Vuitton 7.1 million Facebook likes and 151,328 talking

about the brand. On Twitter Chanel is a head with over 448,000 followers and Louis Vuitton has “only” 144,000. On YouTube the numbers are close, LV has 12,000 subscribers and 3.3 million video views and Chanel does a little better with 20,000

subscribers and5.5million video views. When it comes to their mobile website and app, both brands very close. Both have a mobile-optimized site and promote very well the use of their mobile app. So, which one of the two, in your opinion, is doing a

better job when it comes to Digital Media?


Louis Vuitton vs Chanel
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Signed by Denis Sztokfisz, at Boca Pawn




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