Have Too Many iPhones? Sell iPhone Boca Raton

Sell iPhone Boca Raton

sell iphone boca raton

Over the last 24-48 hours this random kid (itslavishbitch is his name on Instagram) has become an internet sensation.  He’s on Twitter and Instagram posting pictures of himself with stacks of cash, drowning in a pool of 100’s, and using iPhones as a hand of cards.  For some reason he has a bunch of money and isn’t afraid to show it.  Why anyone would have 8 iPhones of the same generation is beyond me.  He should sell iPhone Boca Raton and get even more cash!

At your local pawn shop you can sell an old iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter, and get immediate cash.  Since the demand for electronics is so high at the moment, you can get a lot of money for your old phones.  Selling an iPhone 5 can net you $300 or more!

Not only do pawn shops buy iPhones and electronics for cash, they can also give you a collateral loan for them.  This is for clients who don’t want to sell their iPhone but still need some short term cash.  In a month they can pay a bit of interest and the principle and get their iPhone back.  It just makes sense.

Don’t be like this kid and show off having a million iPhones.  Get rid of them and sell iPhone Boca Raton today for cash.

sell iphone boca raton

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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