Rolex Watches For Less – Used Rolex Boca Raton

used rolex boca raton

Used Rolex Boca Raton

used rolex boca raton

Rolex SA is one of the best well run companies in the world.  Founded in London, England in 1905, they have been the standard for watchmaking for the last century.  Today, their headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland along with many other luxury watch companies like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.  Rolex is so highly regarded when it comes to high end watches that you can rarely get more than a 5% discount on a brand new watch.  With the world economy in a general downturn, many of us are looking to get Rolex watches for less.  Get a used Rolex Boca Raton.

Rolex watches are built to last from generation to generation.  They use the highest quality materials in all of their watches to ensure they last overtime.  For example, you might think stainless steel is stainless steel.  However, Rolex uses 904L stainless steel which is an extremely high quality steel.  It is virtually indestructible.  Their gold is always solid 18kt yellow, white, or rose gold.

Even the inside of Rolex’s are extremely high quality.  Often there are rubies, precious metal, and other materials in the movement to help it keep running for decades.  Like a car, high end watches need routine maintenance to keep going.  So as long as you keep up with regular cleanings your Rolex should run the same 50 years from now.

Also, Rolex models change slightly from year to year, or even not at all.  If you bought a Rolex Submariner sometime in the 90’s it will be exactly the same from 1990-1999.  There is no difference between a Sub bought in 1991 or 1997.  Even now, as Rolex has changed the Submariner to have a ceramic bezel and wider lugs, it still is extremely similar to its previous version.

We all look for discounts no matter how much money we have.  Rich people didn’t become rich by spending every time they made.  They know how to search for a bargain and capitalize.  Getting a used Rolex Boca Raton for less is easier than you might think.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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