The “Clockmaker’s Four” According to Rolex Boca Raton

rolex boca raton

Rolex Boca Raton

rolex boca raton
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Have you ever noticed that the 4 o’clock position on a Rolex Roman Numeral dial is written as IIII rather than IV?  It’s not something that a lot of people notice, even those of us who own a Rolex with a Roman Numeral dial.  The reason Rolex Boca Raton decided to write the 4 o’clock position as IIII is actually very simiple.

Before the Middle Ages, to write the number four Egyptians, Greeks, and even Romans wrote it as IIII.  It wasn’t until after the Middle Ages that we started to write it as IV.  Today, the IIII is known as the “clockmaker’s four” because even into the 13th and 14th centuries, clocks were made with the IIII Roman Numeral.

One thing I never understood, though, is why Rolex starts to turn their numbers upside down.  For example, at 6 0’clock the VI is upside down.  It’s not as if when you look at different times you change the position of your watch.  In a practical sense it doesn’t make much sense but from a cosmetic standpoint it does look much more smooth.  The dial is very balanced with the numbers shifting degrees as you go up and down the dial.

There you go!  A little history on the clockmaker’s four.  Looking to buy a Rolex Boca Raton?  Check out Boca Raton Pawn’s online shop for amazing deals on pre-owned Rolex watches.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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