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Sell Handbags Boca Raton

One of the craziest stories I’ve ever read is that luxury French retailer, Hermes, is selling a basketball for $13,000!  Now, we all know Hermes is known for selling luxury handbags and jewelry for outrageous prices, but $13k for a basketball, come on.  The basketball is part of the re-opening of their boutique in Beverly Hills.   Sell handbags Boca Raton.

The basketball comes in blue calfskin leather.  It is made with the same amazing techniques that Hermes crafts their famous Birkin bag with.  According to the CEO of Hermes the basketball represents “the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in LA and Southern California.”  Seems like a ridiculous way of justifying a leather basketball with a price of $13,000 but oh well.

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The CEO then went on to say that the ball can be bounced and played with just like any other basketball (a regular basketball costs around $50).  Only two basketballs have been produced but you can special order one through the Hermes website.  If you do decide to buy one you probably have way too much money.

Hermes is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world.  Generally it is considered more high end than Louis Vuitton and even Chanel.  Hermes Birkin bags can sell well into the tens of thousands of dollars and more.

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