Loans for Handbags Boca Raton Have Gone Global

loans for handbags boca raton

Loans for Handbags Boca Raton

As pawn shops and collateral lenders have become more popular, customers are bringing in more and more items to pawn.  When you think of a traditional pawn shop you think of gold, jewelry, Rolex watches, TV’s, guitars, and electronics.  Well now you can add one more thing to that list: luxury designer handbags.  These bags are brought in by clients as collateral for a cash loan.  Bags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes are worth a lot of money, even pre-owned, and more and more pawn shops are accepting them.  If you’re ever looking for a quick loan and some cash, consider getting loans for handbags Boca Raton.

loans for handbags boca raton
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A simple search on eBay will pull up thousands of pre-owned luxury designer handbags.  You can find Louis Vuitton bags for hundreds and even thousands of dollars for sale, and they’re all used.  Chanel can fetch multiple thousands and Hermes Birkin bags can cost you more than $10,000, used!  It’s no wonder pawn shops are so eager to give you a loan for handbags.  Generally, the client will pay a bit of interest and pick it up, but if they don’t there is a lot of money to be made by selling the bags.  Getting cash for your handbags is as easy as bringing in some old gold jewelry these days.

One problem that arises for collateral lenders that lend against handbags is fakes.  There are millions of fake designer handbags circulating in the world.  Most places that buy and sell used handbags will run into one or two fakes a day.  Some are very easy to spot but others are nearly impossible.  It takes someone who has had years of experience with pre-owned handbags to be able to tell some fake bags from the real ones.  The same problem happens when someone brings a watch to a pawn shop but handbags are much harder to tell.  While they are much larger, there is not much too them.  A simple Louis Vuitton Neverfull is just canvas with some leather and stitching.  It is very easy to copy which is why pawn shops have to be very careful when taking handbags.

Next time you need a bit of cash consider selling or pawning your handbags.  You never know how much the bag that has been sitting at the bottom of your closet is worth.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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