The Weirdest Things Dipped in Gold Boca Raton

Gold Boca Raton


Gold Boca Raton is one the most desirable metals. Who would love to have any anything made of gold? This love for gold it is not new for us, but it seems like this attraction has gone to a whole new level. Usually, the gold lovers satisfy their desire buying normal accessories, like bracelets, rings, watches…but when this desire for having something made of gold goes to the next level, people will do anything to satisfy their hunger for this bright yellow precious metal. Can you imagine eating a sushi wrapped in gold, or getting a facial treatment with a 24 karat gold thin layer of gold?

We separated for you the 3 weirdest things dipped in gold. The list has the top 10 items, which includes, a gold backpack worth $1,650, a gold pair of shoes worth over $5k and a solid 24k gold toilet. We chose the items that are going to leave you speechless. If you love gold like we do, you will feel very tempted to own at least one of these one of a kind items.

1 – 24 karat Gold Pills – $425 each

gols boca raton

2 – Gold Coffin – $381,000

gold boca raton

3 – 24 karat gold Barbecue Grill – $12,500

gold boca raton


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