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Jean Schlumberger is a French jewelry designer.  He is most famous for his work with Tiffany & Co.  Jean Schlumberger designs are considered some of the best that Tiffany has ever sold.  Buying a Tiffany piece already comes at a premium and if you want a Schlumberger piece you really have to pay.  Find the best place that sell jewelry Boca Raton, including T & Co jewelry.

Schlumberger was born in France.  His family was very well off and involved in the textiles industry.  As a young child he always wanted to sketch and design, but his family looked down upon it.  They wanted him to work hard like the rest of them.  Eventually in the 1930’s he started making buttons and designing costume jewelry for Elsa Schiaparelli.  After World War II Schlumberger moved to New York and started designing clothing for Chez Ninon.  It wasn’t until 1946 that he opened his first jewelry store with partner Nicolas Bongard.

In 1956 Walter Hoving wanted Schlumberger to work and design jewelry for Tiffany.  He agreed and they gave him is own workshop on site.  He was later made a Vice President of Tiffany in the late 70’s when he retired.

Schlumberger’s designs are very natural.  A lot of his pieces have animals or sea creatures.  Very quickly he acquired an amazing customer base of royals and celebrities.  Famously, John F. Kennedy purchased the Two Fruit clip in rubies and diamonds.  That piece is now in the collection of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.  Jacqueline, Kennedy’s wife wore so many Schlumberger bracelets they were nicknamed “Jackie bracelets”.

To this day Schlumberger is one of only 4 designers allowed to sign their name for Tiffany.  They include Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, and Frank Gehry.  It is truly an honor to buy or receive one of his pieces.

His most famous design was a mounting for the Tiffany Diamond.  The brooch is called “The Bird a Rock” and features a 128.54 yellow diamond.  The bird is sitting on top of the diamond which looks more like a rock due to its sheer size.

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Bird on a Rock by Jean Schlumberger

Jean Schlumberger will always be considered one of the most famous jewelry designers in history.  For Tiffany to allow you to sign your name on pieces is amazing.  Come to Boca Raton Pawn the best place to sell jewelry Boca Raton.

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