Hip Hop’s Most Expensive Chains – Pre-owned Jewerly Boca Raton

Pre-owned Jewelry Boca Raton


Expensive jewelry is not something that people can afford all the time. Usually, the process of buying an expensive piece of jewelry, takes months or even years. The process of saving money, finding the right piece, getting the best deal and buying from a trustful seller is not easy. Pre-owned jewelry Boca Raton

As we just mentioned, buying an expensive piece of jewelry is not something many people can afford, how about if you had enough money that you could not only buy a crazy expensive piece of jewelry, but you could have somebody design the piece just for you? Yes, it happens more than we can imagine, and there is a group of people who are very famous when we talk about customized jewelry, rappers. In the Hip-Hop world, buying customized jewelry is one of the most common things rappers do. If for us buying a $1,000 ring is a big deal, for rappers, that number might be multiplied by 100 and will still not be something to brag about.

Among all the jewelry that rappers are known to like, heavy chains is definitely the most popular. It is hard to find one famous rapper that does not have a picture of themselves wearing a big, heavy china around their necks. A few of these chains are actually something we could all wear without bringing too much attention. As i said, only a few, because most of the chains rappers wear are pieces so heavy that we can’t even hold it for that long.

Besides the weight that these chains have, the price most of the rappers pay for their pieces of jewelry is crazy. Below, you will see some of these outrageous pieces that can range from $100,000 to over $4,000.000. Among the most expensive chains is Lil Jon’s $500,000 “Crunk Aint Dead” chain. The chain weighs 2.3 kg and has 3.756 diamonds.

1 – Lil John “Crunk Aint Dead” chain. $500,000

Pre-owned Jewelry Boca Raton



2 – Mike Jones “Ice Age” chain – $1,000.000

pre-owned jewelry boca raton



3 – Nigo’s $4,000.000 chain collection

pre-owned jewelry boca raton





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