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Buying diamond jewelry, for most of us, is a very special occasion. Until we actually spend the money on any expensive piece, it takes time to make a decision. Finding the right piece, choosing a seller that you can trust and also finding the best deal. Buy jewelry Boca Raton

Some people might take years until they are ready to buy a diamond jewelry. Spending a good chunk of your life savings might sound crazy for some, but for those who love jewelry and are buying for a special occasion, like an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday, every penny spent on a piece that will be with you forever it is all worth it.

Once we fulfill your dream and purchase your piece of jewelry, the first thought that comes to our head is that we will keep it for the rest of our lives. That might sound perfect fine for most of us. But how about if you heard that somebody sold their wedding ring for some football tickets? Would you believe it? Well, if you thought i have heard everything in your life, this will show that there are many of those crazy stories out there.

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Last week, a woman in Overland Park, Kansas City, decided to list her diamond wedding ring set on Craigslist that she wanted to trade for Chiefs-Broncos football game…i told you this was a crazy story. She decided to list the wedding ring because on the day of her husband’s 40th birthday she had to spend the whole afternoon at the hospital taking care of her daughter who was hospitalized due to a severe migraine. Feeling that her husband did not have the proper birthday he deserved, she decide to trade her wedding ring for football tickets.

Finding somebody willing to take the trade was not hard. A few after listing the ring, the woman end up closing the deal. Rusty Jones, 49, was looking for a wedding ring for about a month. When he saw the listing, contacted the seller right away. After a couple of days, Jones, season tickets holder since 1993, met the woman at Meierotto jewelers, where he paid to have the ring appraised. Once the deal was closed, both sides were happy and this weekend Jones is throwing a big Chiefs party followed by a huge surprise to his girlfriend, which we all know will include a diamond weeding.



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