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David Yurman Boca Raton

david yurman boca raton
David Yurman Amethyst and Diamond Bangle Bracelet

David Yurman was founded in 1980.  In their short 33 year existence they have grown to become one of the world’s largest jewelry designers and sellers.  In 2011 they recorded sales of over 600 million Euro (approx $825 million).  Until recently David Yurman was primarily sold in department stores or other jewelry stores.  They only had a handful of boutiques.  But recently they have focused on opening more boutiques that only sell their products.  They have a David Yurman Boca Raton among other places in South Florida.  This year they opened their first store in Toronto, Canada.

David Yurman, the man behind the company, has been designing jewelry for decades.  His jewelry has a certain style that can be recognized with ease.  The Cable bracelet was his first big hit and is still incredibly popular today.  It is just a simple silver or gold cable style bracelet that often has precious and semi precious stones at the ends.  It wears like a bangle and can be easily stacked with other bracelets.  After the Cable bracelet really took off so did the company.

Today, David Yurman has over 30 boutiques in the US, Canada, China, and France.  And that’s not including the hundreds of authorized David Yurman retailers.  Their newest store in Toronto is over 1,800 square feet.  It is located in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Center.  The architecture in this store and their others is supposed to be “luxurious-yet-relaxed”, very much like their jewelry.

david yurman boca raton
David Yurman Classic Cable Bracelet

-by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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