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When the holidays are near, one of the things that most of us look forward to is exchanging gifts. Big part of that tradition is buying gifts for the kids. If you have children, nieces, nephews or any kids in the family, December is the time of the year that they all wait for you to buy them great gifts. That is why companies all over the world make toys and all kids of gifts just to be released around this time of the year. Buy Jewelry Boca Raton

With so many options out there, how do we know what to gift to buy for our love ones? If you have to buy gifts for kids you might have an easier time choosing the gift. Kids are very good about letting us know what they want to get way before the holiday season. The only problem is going to be actually finding the gift at the stores. Kids toys are usually the ones that sold out first. If you don’t plan ahead, you might be without a gift and a very angry little one at home.

Knowing all about this holiday frenzy, companies are always trying making new products to satisfy such a high demand. Being able to make a product that kids will love and it will be a success in sales it’s not an easy task. When we go to buy gifts we can witness that many companies have to produce dozens of toys at the same time and hope that at least one will be a hit. Not brands can say that they made a product kids will never forget.

We will present you today with some of the top selling holidays toys of all time. These toys were created and sold years ago, but because they were so great and so popular, they will always be remember around this time of the year. Who doesn’t remember the Tamagoshi and the POG?


1 – Tickle Me Elmo – Introduced in 1996, quickly became a hit among kids. Back then, the regular price was $29, but since it was sold out everywhere right after it’s release, some people paid up to $2,000 for the little red plush toy.


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2 – Nintendo Game Boy – Released in 1989, this 8-bit handheld video game device. In its first two weeks in Japan, the entire stock consisting of 300,000 units was sold; a few months later, the Game Boy’s release in the United States in July 1989 saw 40,000 units sold on its first day.

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3 – Zhu Zhu pets – An American line of plush robotic hamster toys. Originally priced at $10, because of it’s success, some of these little toy hamsters were selling for almost $100. Some sources believe that on it’s first year over 10 million Zhu Zhu pets were sold around the world.

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