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In Mundelein, Illinois; just North of Chicago; a Jewelry store was offering a crazy promotion.  Anyone who purchased jewelry during the holidays would get to keep it AND get a full refund it enough snow fell.  Hard to believe right?   Buy jewelry, get a full refund, and still keep what you bought?  Sounds too good to be true.  And it probably was.  Jewelry Boca Raton.

The jeweler, P.K. Bennett Jewelers, ran a promotion based on the fact that they thought it would snow a certain amount during the holidays.  They had an agreement set up with their insurance company that if it snowed more than 3″ the insurer would refund any customer who bought jewelry during a selected amount of time.  The jewelry store sold over $150,000 during the week long promotion.  Buyers of the jewelry were willing to dish out cash because they were betting that the snow would beat the estimate.  And it did!

Only problem is the insurer claims in didn’t.  And now the store owner and customers are extremely upset.  The store was planning on throwing a party to give back to its clients and celebrate the new year.

The exact snowfall amounts the insurance company used to claim the snowfall was under 3″ came from O’Hare.  At the airport, only 2.1″ of snowfall was recorded.  However, in areas very close to the airport there were records of up to 10″.  It seems like the insurance company is trying to weasel out of paying the customers.

No resolution has been reached as of yet.  224 customers are eagerly awaiting an answer to see if they will get refunded.  In any event, the promotion worked as the jewelry store racked up huge sales numbers.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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