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The Patiño emerald and diamond necklace sold at Christie’s Geneva for $9.9 million in November 2013, one of the auction house’s top jewelry lots for the year. Jewelry is the most widely collected luxury item in the world, according to The Wealth Report.

According to the Wealth Report 2014, jewelry ranks #1 as the most collected luxury item.  The report surveys the entire world.  But in the US, art and watches actually rank ahead of jewelry at #3.  The Wealth Report is conducted by Knight Frank, a London based independent property consultancy company.  They surveyed over 20,000 high net worth individuals around the world with an average worth of $68 million each.  If they ever need help they can pawn jewelry Boca Raton.

Jewelry has always been a collectible item.  People have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years.  Since most jewelry is made with precious metals is keeps its value generally speaking.  Diamond and gold jewelry even tend to go up in value over the years if you buy it right.  The problem is a lot of people buy jewelry new and for retail prices.  Often time these prices are extremely inflated.  There are great deals to be had at your local pawn shop or jewelry store.

It surprised me that watches ranked so high globally.  They came in at third on the list.  I know many people collect watches as a hobby but I did not realize how much.  Watches ranked ahead of diamonds worldwide.

Getting a loan for your jewelry can be a great way to get back on your feet.  Sometimes you need some money upfront to buy a car or a house.  While you have a high net worth it might be hard to become liquid immediately.  With a jewelry loan you can get fast cash for your valuables.  Many high net worth individuals use a pawn loan as a bridge between two deals.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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