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Loans for Watches Boca Raton

Baselworld is an international watch and jewelry show.  The show is based in Basel, Switzerland.  Over the years it has become the most famous place to debut new watches among the high end brands.  Companies like Rolex, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and others set up grand displays to show us their new styles and models.  They also put on display older models to represent the brand.  It seems like every year Rolex introduces a few new watches to their collection at Baselworld.  This year, 2014, they didn’t show us any “new” models, but they did update many of their existing ones.  The best improvements from Rolex this year are a white gold GMT II with “Pepsi” bezel, Milgauss with blue dial, Sea-Dweller 4,000, and rose gold Sky-Dweller.  These watches will bring huge values for those looking for loans for watches Boca Raton.

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Brand New Rolex GMT II Pepsi White Gold Watch 116719BLRO

1.  Rolex GMT II White Gold Blue and Red Bezel reference 116719BLRO.

The watch we’ve all be waiting for!  Ever since Rolex started using ceramic bezel inserts on most of its sport model watches we have been waiting for a blue and red Pepsi GMT II.  Last year they teased us with a blue and black bezel.  Over the years it seems like the blue and red became an iconic style for the GMT.  Now it’s available.  Only problem is it only comes in white gold, meaning it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.  With the stainless steel version costing almost $10k, and the yellow gold version over $33k, this white gold version will probably retail around $35k.  It’s a stunning watch regardless and will definitely do well.

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Brand New Rolex Milgauss 116400GV with Blue Dial

2.  Rolex Milgauss reference 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss is the most controversial watch they make.  People either love it or hate it.  They love the simplicity or hate the fact that it has no date.  They love the orange lightening bolt second hand or they say it’s too tacky.  It was introduced back in the 50’s and discontinued due to poor sales.  They brought it back around 2007 and it has done better.  But you still don’t see many in the wild.  Now, with this blue dial, green crystal, and orange lightening bolt second hand, it gets even more polarizing.  I can see people loving it and wanting it bad, and I can also see people hating it and thinking how Rolex can make such a monstrosity?

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New Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 introduced at Baselworld 2014

3.  Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 reference 116600

This watch shocked me.  I had no idea Rolex had any plans on reinventing the original Sea-Dweller.  A few years ago when they discontinued the old model and introduced the Sea-Dweller “Deepsea” I thought it was over.  People wanted larger watches and Rolex delivered with a 43mm super diving watch.  But I guess Rolex thinks there’s enough demand to reintroduce the original 40mm Sea-Dweller.  This time it has a black ceramic bezel and updated bracelet.  It is water resistant to 4,000 meters or around 12,000 feet!  It is a classic simple diving watch that will definitely sell well.

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Brand New Rolex Sky-Dweller in 18k Rose Gold

4.  Rolex Sky-Dweller Rose Gold reference 326935

Ah yes, the Rolex Sky-Dweller.  A big face, complicated Rolex watch.  Last year was the first year of the Sky-Dweller on sale and it did very well.  There were three versions, all yellow gold, all white gold, and rose gold with a leather strap.  This year, Rolex introduces an all rose gold model, yellow gold model on leather strap, and white gold model on leather strap.  But the feature of this group is definitely the all rose gold version.  Rose gold is extremely hot these days and this watch will be an unbelievable seller.  It has a 42mm case and fluted bezel.  Good luck finding them in stores.


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