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With the World Cup only three days away, all the soccer fans have their eyes on the biggest country in South America, Brazil. For a whole month Brazil will be the center of attention and for the fans who are having the opportunity to be there for the games, many never been to Brazil before. For those who have the privilege to witness this unique event, getting to know the host country is very important. Buy Jewelry Boca Raton

Discovered in 1500 by Pedro Alvarez Cabral, Brazil is the biggest country in South America. With a population of over 200 million people, Brazil is also the fifth largest country in the world. Besides being one of the biggest producers of sugarcane, soybean and coffee, the country is also a big producer of gemstones. Most states in Brazil produce gemstones, but the state of Minas Gerais is the most important producer in both volume and number of species. Among other gemstones, the most important are Aquamarines, tourmalines, Amethysts, topazes and emeralds. One of the most famous gemstones found in Brazil is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine. The Dom Pedro aquamarine is the world’s largest cut aquamarine gem. The blue-green gemstone was cut by Bernd Munsteiner, from a crystal originally weighing approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) and measuring more than 3 feet (0.91 m) in length, into an obelisk form weighing 10,363 carats.

If you are heading to Brazil for the World Cup and also is a gemstone lover you will be vary happy, since you can find a vast variety of gemstones for sale in most street markets in the country. If you also have the time, go visit Minas Gerais. The state is the largest gemstone producer in the country and has many markets dedicated just for people who are looking beautiful and colorful gemstones. We separated for you some gorgeous pieces of jewelry made with some of the beautiful stones.


1 – 18kt White Gold Aquamarine with a Pave diamonds set.

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2 – White Gold Paraiba Tourmaline Ring

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3 – White Gold Emerald and Diamonds Necklace

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4 – White Gold Amethyst Tear Drop Necklace

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