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Buy Jewelry Boca Raton


Today, June 12th, starts the biggest sporting event in the world, the World Cup. This year the world cup 2014 will happen in Brazil and for the second time, Brazil has the chance to show the world if they are capable to host such a huge event. In 1950, Brazil hosted the world cup and for the disappointment of their fans, end up losing to Uruguay in the final match. Buy Jewelry Boca Raton

June 12th is not only special because of the world cup, this date, every year, Brazil celebrates Valentines Day. The day when couples switch gifts, go to dinner, celebrate their relationship. It is a date that inspires all of us to show our love to our, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or whoever makes you feel special. All that said, there is nothing more special to celebrate Valentines Day in Brazil or anywhere in the world buying a beautiful piece of jewelry to your love one.

Jewelry is definitely the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Many styles and designs are associated with this special date, but nothing is more special than the most famous symbol of love around the world, the heart. Heart jewelry is by far the top seller item on Valentine’s Day.

To get you inspired, we picked three beautiful heart shape pieces so you can feel the love. Because everyday is a special day if you have somebody to share your love with.


1 – Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Pendant

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2 – White Gold Ruby and Diamonds Necklace

buy jewelry boca raton

3 – White Gold Diamond Heart Neckalce

buy jewelry boca raton