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For those who love watches and cars, there is nothing more exciting than buying a watch that was made inspired in one of your favorite car. The fact that so many superlatives and qualities can be attributed to both watches and cars, watch makers have been partnering with car makers for many years.  Many watch lovers and specialists also believe that the coolest watch designs come out of this partnership. Buy watches Boca Raton

Who never heard about the Tag Heuer Carrera or the Breiting Bentley. These are probably two of the most famous watch/car maker collaborations in the market. Today it’s not uncommon to see timepieces made with such materials as aluminum, titanium, ceramics and carbon fiber.

Which one in your opinion is the coolest watch made out these partnerships between watch makers and car makers? If you are not sure which one you like the most, we picked three watches that we think are the coolest. The SLR Chronograph by TAG Heuer and Mercedes Benz, the Jeager-Lecoultre AMVOX5 for Aston Martin and the Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370. After looking at these you might be able to make a decision, or just add three more watches to your list.


1 – The SLR Chronograph by TAG Heuer for Mercedez Benz Mclaren – $3,500

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2 –  the Jeager-Lecoultre AMVOX5 for Aston Martin – $22,700

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3 – the Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 – $280,000

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