Get The Look for Less: Handbags

Get The Look for Less: Handbags

We all want the newest trends in handbags, but sometimes we have to think about budgeting. The good thing about designer handbags is the fact they are so desirable they are also easily copied. Here are some great similar styled bags that you can have for a fraction of the price!


This Kate Spade Sedgewick Lane Phoebe mildy resembles one of the world’s favorite brands, CHANEL. The Grand Shopper by Chanel is a classic bag, don’t get us wrong we want all of our viewers to have one, but the retail in 2013 was approximately $2900 and rising. The Kate Spade Phoebe is only $398. Both bags have a gold chain hardware, simple square tote style. The only difference is the quilted design and Chanel emblem. The overall style is identical. By getting a Kate Spade bag you will be saving $2,502.   

Chanel2The Chanel Boy Bag. One of the most gorgeous bags of 2014. This is currently the newest bag Chanel has released. The large model costs $5,500. Just last month Chanel raised their prices, so if you want one of these bad boys you are going to have to put out. Forever 21 just released a replica of the boy bag. The only main difference is the chanel clasp and hardware color. The Forever 21 model only retails for $24.80. You will be saving $5,475.20!


The Chanel Executive Tote is a timeless, classy look that really stands out on almost any occasion. You can wear this bag to work, to a party, or just dinner. The bag comes in different sizes, small, medium, or large. The large bag retails for $4000, which to most people is a hefty chunk of change. F0rever 21 makes a similar styled bag that will cost you around $30 bucks. Instead of the classic chanel emblem, the Forever 21 bag has a silver hardware zipper. You will be saving $3,970.00.


Gucci is considered one of the more affordable brands in luxury, but after reinventing their style Gucci is having so much success they are charging more for merchandise. Luckily this classic red hobo style is similar to the one located on Kate Spade’s website. The color is more metallic with purple undertones on Kate Spade, but the price will make that difference invisible. You will be saving $2,072.


Clean cut and to the point. That is what you’re getting when you buy a Prada bag. But for this handbag you are going to have to shell out almost $3,000!! The bag retails for $2,870. From the picture above you can see that a similar style bag is made by Kate Spade. The bag is $498 on Kate Spade which is a bit pricey as well, but that is a savings of $2,372.



Yves Saint Laurent makes gorgeous handbags that are perfect for looking executive! But $3,290 is a hard price to pay for luxury. This H&M bag shown next to it is a good substitute. The bag has the same firm round strap, squared body. This bag is only $49.95 on H & M’s website. This gives you a total savings of $3240.