Our Post VMA Performance Experience

Our Post VMA Performance Experience

The Red Carpet: Some celebs really got the style down for this casually sexy award ceremony. One of our favorite looks was Kendall Jenner, she turned heads in her black slacks, transparent shirt with a seductive black bra underneath. The top and slacks were by Alon Livne and the black bra was La Perla. Her shoes were Giuseppe Zanotti. She was absolutely stunning. Same with Taylor Swift, although we found it a bit too trying she did look good. Now on to the worst… It was like our mouths couldn’t drop any further down from our face, what was Katy Perry thinking??? Seriously. First of all she was one of the last people to arrive, and the came in a orange Lamborghini with one of the funniest (to laugh at not with) rappers, Riff Raff. That isn’t even the worst part though, she was wearing a denim dress strapless dress that matched Riff Raff’s…omg we feel like a basic girl right now because we seriously can’t even. 

The Performances:


Nicki Minaj VMA

Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J: So the night started out with Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J singing their new hit Bang Bang, but before all three came out together Ariana and Nicki sang their newest hits solo. Ariana cam out and did a cute little number for Break Free featuring Zedd (except Zedd was no where to be found). Then Nicki sang her newest hit Anaconda (which at first we hated, but now catch ourselves singing it in the shower…move over Becky G). According to sources earlier in the day one of the dancers was bitten by a snake so that idea was thrown out. The performance was pretty on point. Then Jessie J came out and pretty much owned the whole entire performance. She was the glue to Bang Bang, poor Ariana couldn’t hold a note if your little heart even tried and Nicki Minaj was too busy holding her dress up because she was suffering from a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction. Wanna know what our favorite part of the performance was? The zoom in on Rita Ora’s face where she looked confused, upset, and basically wishing the whole thing would just end.

Taylor Swift VMA

Miley Cyrus's Facial Expression during Taylor Swift's Performance

Taylor Swift: This was Taylor’s first time performing Shake it Off since the video was released last week and we thought the beginning was VERY shaky. She was trying to twerk, obviously didn’t work out that well for her, but she can always play it off as a joke. She had some of the most incredible dancers we have ever seen! They were doing the coolest hand waving motions and spinning her around graciously. The country singer turned pop artists has absolutely 0 dance skills. The best part of the performance was her getting on to the giant 1989 stage and looking down to jump into her dancers arms, then said ““No. One second. I don’t care if it’s the VMAs. I’m not jumping down there. There’s all kinds of people getting bit by snakes. That’s dangerous.” Poking fun at one of Nicki Minaj’s dancers being bitten. Very funny Taylor, and no we aren’t being sarcastic. The performance really took off after that. Lets not forget about Miley Cyrus’s priceless face during Taylor’s Great Gatsby inspired performance, basically a blank stare figuring out what was going on. 

Sam Smith VMAs

Sam Smith: So we are Sam Smith’s biggest fans ever. We absolutely adore him and think he is the Elton John of our generation, minus the piano. Because of the budget all the other singers had, poor Sam Smith was stuck with a microphone and his voice. He is the perfect example to show you that all you need is talent and you can capture everyones hearts in a performance. He said before taking the stage, “I’m just going to sing my heart out and I can’t believe I’m performing. It hasn’treally hit me yet.” He is so humble, charming, and by far the most talented person ever! He had everyone on their feet and received a standing ovation! Good job boo!

Iggy Azalea is a Black Widow

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora: Love this song!! Both the girls came out in these sexy tight web jumpsuit and looked so comfortable performing on stage together! The pair did their bit with sass and style. We honestly didn’t know Iggy was THAT good of a rapper. She was absolutely killing it live. Her raps were crisp, fast and girl can really hold a note because she wasn’t gasping for air trying to get the words out at all! Rita Ora is also a natural talent, these two girls were a double threat.

Maroon 5 Performance at the VMAs

Maroon 5: They took the show outside with a concert-esk performance of Maps and One More Night. As usual Adam Levine killed it. His vocals and pitch are absolutely out of this world, and who could hate Maroon 5’s music! It is super catchy. We loved the band’s interactions with the fans and the fact they didn’t do this huge crazy expensive performance to woo the crowd. Good job guys! Only problem, everyone and their mother had their smart phone out…enough people! Just enjoy what is in front of you!

Beyoncé VMA Performance

Beyonce: Honestly, don’t hate us, but was this supposed to be the best live performance we have ever seen? Was this put on too high of a pedestal or did we just not get it? She came out singing Mine with her small jeweled leotard on then transitioned to Ghost, Pretty Hurts interlude. Then sang Haunted, No Angel, Jealous, and Blow. Then finally after about 15 minutes a popular song, Drunk in Love. We were so bored the first half of the performance because we thought she would at least do some of her past hits. But its ok you still looked good up there Queen Bey. Then she sang Rocket (lost us again). After Partition which was a sexy cool performance with a nice seductive couch scene. Before starting the song Flawless she asked the audience “How did you wake up!” I KNOW everyone sitting at home and in the audience responded “LIKE THIS, FLAWLESS” or maybe that was just us at Boca Raton Pawn… Regardless that part was pretty amazing. Then came a narcissistic moment where she sang Yoncé. After was a touching song named after her daughter titled “Blue”. In the backdrop screen there was video footage of her husband Jay Z and Blue and parts of the performance had Blue singing along to the lyrics. This pretty much was Beyoncé’s way of saying “No I’m not getting a divorce.” She finished the not-so-amazing performance with XO. Jay Z and Blue came on stage to present Beyonce with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Jay Z called his wife the best living performer and although her performance wasn’t the best we’ve ever seen from her we have to agree. We can just feel Kanye West saying to himself, “I told y’all Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time!”