Top 5 Biggest Diamonds Boca Raton

Top 5 Biggest Diamonds Boca Raton

We have been fascinated with diamonds throughout history.  Maybe it’s because of the way they sparkle.  Or it could be because they are extremely rare.  Or maybe it’s because pound for pound, they are the strongest material in the world.  For whatever reason, it cannot be argued that diamonds are worth a lot of money.  And the bigger they are the more money they are worth.  That’s because diamonds, relative to the world, are very small.  The vast majority of diamonds weigh less than one carat, and they usually measure less than 6.5mm in diameter.  Which is why the bigger the diamond, the more money it’s worth.  Below is a list of the top 5 biggest diamonds Boca Raton in the world.

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5.  Incomparable Diamond: 890 Carats

This diamond weighs over 6 oz!  It was actually discovered by a small girl in 1989.  She noticed it in a pile of dirt.  Then she passed it along to her uncle who later sold it to some diamond dealers.  Years later the stone showed up in Antwerp where it was cut down.  The biggest stone created from it was a 407.48 carat long triangular shaped stone.  What’s really weird is that in 2002 this diamond showed up on eBay for sale!  Sadly, no one bought it.

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4.  Star of Sierra Leone: 969 Carats

This diamond was discovered in 1972.  It was bought by the famous jeweler Harry Winston and later cut into 17 smaller diamonds.  They were all almost perfect stones.  A few of them were used in a brooch named the Star of Sierra Leone brooch.

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3.  Excelsior Diamond: 995.20 Carats

This is an older diamond, discovered in 1893 in South Africa.  Unfortunately, it was cut into a lot of different smaller diamonds, with the largest only weighing 69.68 carats.  Most who are familiar with the stone think it could have been cut into much larger diamonds.

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2.  Cullinan Diamond: 3,106.75 Carats

This diamond weighed 1.37 pounds when it was discovered!  Whenever you start weighing diamonds in pounds, you know they are huge.  This diamond was named after the owner of the mine where it was found, Sir Thomas Cullinan.  It was given as a gift to King Edward VII of the UK and brought to Amsterdam to be cut.  The most famous stone cut for it is called the Cullinan 1 and weighs 530.2 carats and is part of the Crown Jewels.

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1.  “Sergio”: 3,167 Carats

Most people still think the Cullinan diamond is the biggest ever.  However, “Sergio” which is a black carbonado diamond discovered in Brazil in 1893, actually weighs more.  These black diamonds are very rare, and scientists are still debating on their origins.  Common consensus is they are from outer space and traveled to Earth on an ancient meteorite.