How to Spot a Fake Rolex Boca Raton

Rolex Boca Raton

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For all you Rolex lovers out there, we’re here to give you the gift of all gifts…knowing a difference between a fake and real Rolex Boca Raton. We are experts in buying the authentic beauty’s that are Rolex watches here at Boca Raton Pawn but we realize not everyone has our years of knowledge under their belt when it comes to purchasing these watches. For that reason, we’re going to give you 10 quick tips on how to spot a fake before and after you’ve bought it.



1.  Check if the watch you are being offered even exists.  Many of the fakes out there are of watches that Rolex does not even make!  Go to Rolex’s website for their line of currently produced models where you can get details on the watches make.

2.  If the watch is stopped you should be able to move it in a clockwise circular movements.  Rolex’s automatic movement is reliable and should not be broken. If not, big red flag.

3.  The second hand should sweep smoothly, not tick or have any other mannerisms.  Any other motion by the second hand is quartz movement is a fake with the exception of Rolex’s Oysterquartz models.

4. Listen to the ticking. It should be almost inaudible with a very fast beat. Slow ticking is a sure sign of a fake.

5.  A second hand that appears to float or sweep smoothly could still be a fake. An authentic Rolex second hand will move about 5-6 times per second giving it the smooth sweeping motion.

6.  Look carefully at the dial and hands. The dial should have certain inscriptions (some models will not have certain inscriptions). These inscriptions should be clear with a nice color and finished. Fakes are notorious for poor inscriptions, mismarkings, and misplaced inscriptions. The hands on fakes many times are too short and misshaped. Fakes can also have mixed up the hands for other models with the model you are looking at.

7.  The crown’s stem has an o-ring which is uncovered when the crown is unscrewed and pulled out.  This is on triplock crowns such as the Submariner, Sea Dweller, etc.

8.  The hour markers, second hand, hour hand, and minute hand should all match the case. Gold color for gold and two tone model cases.  For silver model cases they should be silver.

9. If no numbers are found between the lugs then the watch is a fake. The correct numbers do help ensure it is real, as wrong numbers assure it is a fake.

10.  The bottom of the Rolex case will never have a glass bottom. The bottom is steel normally and bears no hallmarks, inscriptions, serial numbers, logos, etc. It will be plain, with the possible exception of a previous owner’s personal engravings. There are a few authentic watches that have “Rolex” engraved on the back along with COMEX (You’ve been warned!)

With all these wonderful tips considered, if you’re looking for the real deal male and female Rolex watches come to BRP for some holiday shopping!