Best Men’s Louis Vuitton Boca Raton Accessories

Louis Vuitton Boca Raton

Louis Vuitton is the best high end luxury brand when it comes to men’s designs.  They have a huge selection of amazing stuff geared towards just for men.  They have bags, shoes, belts, wallets, and more.  Yes, companies like Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, etc also cater to men, but none have the selection that Louis Vuitton Boca Raton does.  In fact, it seems as if they devote just as much time to the men’s side as they do the women’s, (which I’m sure is untrue but you get my point).  If you go to the Louis Vuitton homepage, the men’s button is just a prominent as the women’s, unlike other sites that you have to dig through just to find the men’s section.  With all that being said, some items stand out among the rest.  Below is a list of the top 4 best men’s accessories from Louis Vuitton.

1.  Michael Backpack

louis vuitton boca raton

The Louis Vuitton Michael Backpack is awesome.  At first glance you can’t even tell it’s Louis Vuitton.  It has a Damier Graphite leather pattern which is very masculine.  It has many pockets and compartments to fit just about anything you need.  It is the perfect men’s accessory for urban life.

2.  Neo Porte Cartes

louis vuitton boca raton

The Neo Porte Cartes sounds much more complicated than it actually is.  It is just a small card holder.  It matches perfectly with the Michael backpack as it is also in the Damier Graphite leather.  It is vertical with two slots for credit cards, transport, or business cards.  It fits much easier into pants pockets than a normal regular wallet.

3.  Initiales Reversible Calf Leather Belt

louis vuitton boca raton

The Initiales Reversible Calf Leather belt is a must have for any professional gentleman.  The belt buckle is an LV which makes it obviously Louis Vuitton.  It is a black and brown reversible belt which everyone needs.  It’s made in calf leather and can be worn for business for casual.

4.  Monte Carlo Moccasin

louis vuitton boca raton

Every man needs a good pair of shoes.  They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes.  If you are wearing these Monte Carlo Moccasin’s you will be saying a lot.  You will be showing everyone you are a success.  They are Louis Vuitton’s iconic loafers.  They are made in calf leather with a padded rubber sole.