The Rotonde de Cartier Watches Boca Raton

Cartier Watches Boca Raton

cartier watches boca raton

Not many people know that the luxury jewelry company Cartier started as a watch company.  They have a long history of creating and designing luxury jewelry and watches for the worlds elite.  They made jewelry for kings, queens, presidents, etc.  And they have continued to stay atop of the high end jewelry market in today’s world.  A new Cartier watch was introduced today and it is amazing.  It is called the Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon and it is stunning.  The Rotonde line is a relatively new design and the Reversed Tourbillon takes it to a new level.  Cartier Watches Boca Raton.

cartier watches boca raton

The Reversed Tourbillon shows how artistic and creative you can be when designing a watch.  While it has a relatively simple design, if you look closely you can see certain Cartier staples like the C or the blue sapphire cabochon crown.

The dial of the watch is the most striking.  It is made with 18k white gold in a sunburst guilloche patern.  Off to the right side of the dial you can see the open worked movement.  This means that you can see most of the mechanisms through the dial.  The C we were talking about earlier actually rotates around the tourbillon and acts as a second hand.  But the coolest part of the dial is the off-center hour and minute hands.  If you look closely at the markers around the dial, it appears as if the regular 12 o’clock position is skewed over to around 1230.  This helps you keep accurate time even though the hour and minute markers are off to the side.  It’s an ingenious design.

The case of the watch itself is huge.  It measures 46 mm by 12.7 mm.  The 9458 MC manual calibre movement, or what’s visible, is well finished.  This watch actually earned the Geneva Seal which means it met super strict guidelines for quality control.  On the back of the case is a solid plate that covers most of what is inside.  It shows 52-hours of power at 3 Hz.  

cartier watches boca raton

The Rotonde de Cartier Reversed Tourbillon will be limited to only 100 watches.  And while the price has yet to be announced, we can all assume it will be sky high!