Jewelry Boca Raton Trends for the year ahead

Jewelry Boca Raton

This year designers promise a back to the 30’s (and of course 80’s/90’s etc) inspired clip on earrings. Those fabulous diamond studded or precious and semi precious colored stone baubles with clip ons that hugged your ears looked elegant. Of course, as lovely and sparkly as they were I always found that those clips hugged just a little too tight. My ears were always bright red when I pulled those clips off at the end of the day (or night if I could wait that long). Those round and square shaped earrings, heavy in the 30’s and 80’s, did become lighter bigger and hollow so as not to pull our lobes down to the ground. I had really short hair then, kind of a boy cut so I loved those big geometric shapes. In fact after watching all the stars on the red carpet I started digging through my jewelry Boca Raton box for those fun little objects. For a split second I thought that my 80’s/90’s earrings could look good again. I was wrong! Very wrong! Then I came up with a great idea, I decided I would trade them in or just sell outright and get some money together. There are a lot of places that you can sell your outdated pre-owned earrings, bracelets and diamond rings etc. Think about it, some of these things have been sitting in my dark little jewelry box for years.  If I was to sell them it would be like found money. Better yet, I could trade them in for other pre-owned  jewelry.  People trade their jewelry in all the time and a lot of it is newer and more current than mine. Pre-owned jewelry also costs less so I’ll get a bigger bang for my buck so to speak!

jewelry boca raton

Most of my jewelry is not designer but if I sell my old gold pieces and outdated assorted diamond jewelry I could probably afford a Bulgari ring or Cartier piece. Most people don’t understand the value of their old outdated pre-owned jewelry. Think about it, that Louis Vuitton bag or Chanel classic you thought you could never afford, well guess what, you might be able to now. You might not think much of your pre-owned jewelry or designer handbags but let me tell you they are probably worth some money. I have always recognized the huge savings you can enjoy by buying pre-owned luxury items. For the price of regular non designer new items you can often pick up pre-owned designer handbags and jewelry. Often people don’t think about that but would you rather have something that’s worth nothing when you’re tired of it or have something of value that you can sell later or trade for something else you love. It may be pre-owned but it’s new to you and quite honestly many people hardly use their jewelry and handbags so they look new. Jewelry and watches can be refinished and polished  to look brand new. The only thing about the items that would show that they were pre-owned would be the price that you would be paying.

Take my advice and try on  a few pre-owned Louis Vuitton  or Chanel handbags you might be very surprised!