The Beauty Of The Moonstone

The Beauty Of The Moonstone


A sodium potassium aluminum silicate, also known as Moonstone, is one of the stones with the coolest visual effects of all the gemstones. Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries, and lately the shine and the play of colors in the moonstone has made the it very hot among designers, retailers and consumers. The Beauty Of The Moonstone

Adularensce, the phenomenon when light falls between the thin, flat layers that comprise the mineral and scatters in many directions, is the reason of the beautiful and unique look found in a moonstone. Coming mostly from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, even though this beautiful stone has been around for a long, but only for the past five years because of a number of gem dealers and designers began buying and selling it in growing amounts, the moonstone became a very desired stone.

With the increase of it’s popularity, the price of moonstone has become very accessible for most customers with prices ranging from as low to $3 a carat to up to $25 to $30 a carat. If you also love moonstones we picked some beautiful pieces of jewelry to show you.

1 – A moonstone cabochon ring set in 18kt rose gold.


2 – Moonstone bird pendant 18kt gold necklace.


3 – Moonstone with diamonds ring