Product of the Week – Hermes Boca Raton Lindy 34

hermes boca raton

Hermes Boca Raton

hermes boca raton

Hermes might be the most exclusive brand in the entire world.  They sell handbags for hundreds of thousands of dollars to people on a two year waiting list.  It’s unbelievable the demand they have created for their products.  The Hermes Birkin bag is the most sought after in the world.  If you turn on the Kardashian’s or Real Houswives you will see the Birkin, guaranteed.  You might not notice it at first because it doesn’t look unusual or anything.  It is actually a relatively simple bag, but women die for it.  If it had any other name on it it would just be a decent looking handbag.  But because it is handmade by Hermes Boca Raton you have to wait two years to get one.  However, I’m not here to talk about the Birkin today, we are going to talk about this Hermes Lindy 34.


The Lindy is a much different bag than the Birkin.  The Lindy is more practical because it can carry more items and it also has a shoulder strap.  The Lindy 34 means it is 34cm in diameter.  If you are not familiar with the metric system it’s approximately 13″ wide.  The Lindy comes in many colors but this one is called blue jean clemence.  It is like a light almost powder blue.  This particular bag is in excellent condition and looks like it was barely worn.  It retails for $7,500 at Hermes but often sells for more than retail because of limited availability.