Worth Avenue Jeweler Scams – Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

Worth Avenue Jeweler Scams – Sell Jewelry Boca Raton

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A woman living in Boca Raton has filed a lawsuit against Christopher Kaufmann.  Allegedly, the Worth Avenue jeweler hasn’t paid her $25,000 he agreed to when he sold her 5 carat diamond.  On May 30th of last year, Kaufman agreed to sell the 4.8 carat diamond for Jean Curtis.  Receipt of the agreement is attached with the lawsuit.  Curtis tried to get the diamond back after several months when Kaufmann told her he did not yet sell it.  However, when Curtis told Kaufmann she wanted the diamond back, he did not comply.  He still didn’t give it back even after a demand from her attorney on November 25th.  It makes you think twice before giving a him something of yours to sell jewelry Boca Raton.

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What else is amazing is that in the last two years Kaufmann has been sued 11 times.  And all of the cases have similar stories.  He agrees to sell or consign some jewelry for someone and then refuses to follow through with the payment.  A few of the cases were settled or received judgement and the others are still open and pending.  It is worth nothing all claims are civil and nothing has ended up on the criminal side.

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Here are a list of other lawsuits against Kaufmann:

Eric Lamaze, A 2008 gold medal award winner in the Winter Olympics sued Kaufmann in August.  Lamaze alleged that he gave him a diamond to sell for $65,000 but was only paid $10,000.  A judge has since ordered Kaufmann pay Lamaze $60,860 and has been doing so on schedule.

Robert Denenberg sued Kaufmann for an unpaid balance of $18,000.  Kaufmann sold two pearl necklaces for $60,000 but only paid Denenberg $42,000.  Eventually he was paid back the balance plus legal fees.

In January 2014 Judith Knudsen sued Kaufmann alleging he took her 15 carat diamond ring worth over half a million dollars and didn’t return it.  Both parties settled and the ring was eventually returned.

Kathryn Woody sued Kaufmann for $30,000 which was the balance owed on a promised $50,000 sale.  Kaufmann paid Woody at a later date before he was scheduled to appear in court.

Aneice Lassiter is still waiting for $30,000 for a 6 carat diamond ring Kaufmann sold for her.  She is still waiting for payment.

Marcia Pellar was owed money for two different sales totaling $95,000.  Kaufmann also borrowed $20,000 from Pellar and could only pay $18,000 of it back.  In December, a judge ordered him to pay her $109,193.

Lawrence Fischer settled with Kaufmann for $45,000 after he couldn’t make good on a consignment worth $75,000.

Denver Smith and Leigh Wagner consigned four pieces with Kaufmann.  He still owes $10,000 on the deal.  They sued him for the cash plus bounced check fees and attorney fees.  The case is still open.

Patricia Theryoung was promised by Kaufmann that she would receive $90,000 when he sold her pearl necklace.  He has only paid $30,000 of that amount and the case is still open.

Gloria Guggenheim Danziger has sued Kaufmann for over $600,000 for unpaid debts of diamonds he sold on consignment.  This case is still open as well.

As you can see, there is a history with this particular jeweler over the last couple of years.  It doesn’t necessarily mean he is a bad person, but it is clear he is short on cash.  Always do your research before doing business with anyone.