Best Brands that Sell Handbags Boca Raton

sell handbags boca raton

Sell Handbags Boca Raton

Handbags are the most popular fashion accessory for women.  Rarely do they leave home without one.  They are great for carrying makeup, cell phones, wallets, etc.  The history of handbags can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians!  Males used to wear purse like bags on their waist.  Then in the 14th century, bags became a way to show your social status.  The more stones and gems you had on your bag the richer you were.  In the 18th century, tight and slim clothing forced women to wear a bag to carry their extra belongings.  The pockets weren’t large enough to hold everything.  In the early 1900’s the most modern use for the handbag came about.  It was used for both fashion and practicality.  As the 20th century transformed into the 21st we see the handbags we carry today.  Brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes really shot towards the forefront of the handbag industry and are now considered the top three brands that sell handbags Boca Raton.

1.  Louis Vuitton

sell handbags boca raton

Louis Vuitton sells high end items including jewelry, clothes, and shoes, but handbags are their best seller.  They are the most recognizable handbags in the world.  We have all seen the bags with the brown LV monogram canvas throughout.  But while that is their most popular design, they make plenty of other bags that look completely different.  They sell bags that range in price from $500 for a small wallet to $10,000+ and more for some of their limited edition bags.  When you buy a Louis Vuitton you are buying a design and a name.  They aren’t necessarily known for their quality, but some of their every day bags do last quite a while.

An example of their most popular every day bag is the Neverfull.  It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  It is a tote style bag that does not have a closure at the top.  It has a huge area inside to carry just about anything with ease.  It definitely lives up to the name Neverfull.  Along with the three sizes it comes in an array of different colors and materials.  There are probably thousands of combinations to make your Neverfull your own, but the most popular is the medium size classic monogram.  Some other popular models you will see people wearing include the Speedy, Alma, and Totally.

2.  Chanel

sell handbags boca raton

Chanel is considered by many to be a little bit more high end than Louis Vuitton.  Generally their bags are made with higher quality materials which they say justifies their high retail price.  For example, the Maxi version for the classic Chanel Flap retails for $6,000.  It is basically an evening bag made in leather which isn’t very practical.  It usually features gold tone or silver tone hardware with a large flap closure.  As far as raw materials go it is probably worth a couple hundred bucks.  But when you buy a Chanel bag you are buying the name and history of the company.  Plus, there is such a high demand for Chanel classic flaps that they are often sold out of them in their retail locations.  The style of the bag plus the demand shoot prices into the sky.

Chanel also has a wide variety of handbags aside from the classic flap.  Another popular one is called the Grand Shopper.  It is similar in functionality to a Neverfull but does not look the same.  The Neverfull has small think shoulder straps while the Grand Shopper has large metal chains intertwined with leather.  It also has many more pockets and storage places.  It is much heavier than the Neverfull too, but that’s because it’s made with genuine leather rather than canvas.  Compared to the classic flap it’s a bargain at only around $3,500.

3.  Hermes

sell handbags boca raton

Hermes is considered the top echelon of high end luxury handbags.  Their bags are so exclusive that it can take up to two years just to order and receive their popular Birkin bag.  The Birkin is the most exclusive handbag sold in the market today.  If you go to your local Hermes you won’t see it on the shelves.  If you want to order one they will right your name down in a little book and put you on “the list”.  It can take you years before you ever actually get a Birkin.  I know they limit the supply to increase demand, but is the demand so high that you have to wait years?  Probably not right?

Hermes makes other luxury goods as well including bracelets, watches, etc.  But they are known for their handbags.  Each one is handmade which makes each one a tiny bit different.  The stitching in your Birkin might be slightly different from your fiends just based on who made it for you.  This makes it very hard for people in the know to tell if it’s fake or real, because there can be many inconsistencies between two real bags.  In fact, a lot of the things that give away a Chanel or Louis Vuitton as fake, are exactly what proves the Hermes is real.

Handbags have a special place in women’s closet.  They are a daily accessory for most.